Some factors that directly affect the lives of electric motor windings are unfavorable operating conditions, electrical, mechanical or environmental.

When the fault occurs in only one phase winding is a sign that there was an interruption in the supply of the electric motor, and this will result in problems in switching of a fuse, contactor had his interrupted operation, a phase fault appeared and the supply line or had a bad contact that was caused by connections that were made improperly or damaged connection.

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The electric motor can also suffer from a type of failure that occurs in isolation. This fault occurs in electric motor driven by contamination, abrasion, vibration, or by voltage surges, and it is driven by inefficiencies in the execution of the process to isolate the phases, or when the stator winding presents problems, or when the use of unsuitable materials that are incompatible with the thermal class and electric motor voltage.

Fishing is a very important activity because it can be done professionally or just for distraction, but it is still essential that a boat has an electric motor of quality, but to choose the best electric model you need some questions answered and these questions are: where the electric motor is used: in fresh or salt water? The electric motor should be marinizado or not? What the boat and outboard?

The power of the electric motor Bando 2-3VX530 is directly linked to the size of the vessel in which the electric motor will be installed. Even before acquiring the electric motor, the indication is that it seeks a pro shop, as well the electric motor will meet all the needs for both sport fishing and fishing as a hobby.

The electric motor can be used in any situation. It is obvious that in a rut fishing the use of the electric motor is not necessary.

Electric control allows you to connect the electric motor away from the operating point where the electric motor is working

Currently, it has been widely used local and remote electric control. This means that the electric motor can be switched on and off from different points. One can be placed in the electrical room or operating cabin and the other in the field.

Field means that the connection point should be near the electric motor near the point where the electric motor is mounted. The electrical room is on the electric motor control and the field is where the electric motor is.

Near the electric motor reelcraft 30000 is mounted button turns and emergency this is the place point and operation booth or room is also mounted a button that turns on and off and emergency, as this will be the remote point.

It is recommended to have this command, it is very good when the machine is undergoing a maintenance because it can be controlled is the place where the maintenance is being done.

Electric motor that is too noisy and vibrating too much is not good or is malfunctioning. WEG is a brand that produces electric motors and as is always analyzing the market and is also concerned with the operators working with the electric motor has invested in research and also in development for the electric motor noise produced by it fall so considerable.

Thinking about it, the electric motor W22 line has a ventilation system that was better dimensioned and so there is a better relationship between the airflow and the electric motor noise level.

Thus, the fan and the fan cover are designed with the aim to increase the air flow in the electric motor and thus the recirculation of air inside the fan cover has decreased and thus, has improved the direction of air flow over the electric motor fins.

The rules governing the electric motor allow to be placed information more, but for this it is necessary to have letters and numerals that are characteristic because these letters and numerals are already standards and were used in testing or under special weather conditions.

The W must be placed between the letters I and P with the characteristic numerals, this letter indicates that the electric motor is designed to be used in a specific atmospheric condition.

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The S and M letter are always used after specific numbers because they has to do with the test that were submitted.

OS indicates that the test shows that the electric motor does not suffer from water penetration when the electric motor is at rest and M indicates that the electric motor test was performed with the electric engine, and not like the letter S that was resting.

There is no best type of electric motor, but the most appropriate according to the application you need. This is because the engine progressed such that today can have various designs and types. The important thing is to find one that is best for you.

The electric motor can be used in applications such as cars, appliances and lifts. These three examples mentioned above are just a few, there are several other different applications where this engine is present. That’s because it has grown so that today can meet the market very well.

To find the best type of electric motor, you first have to define what is your application. Based on that you can make a kind of need you need. Then you need to look for the companies that sell this piece for you to find the model you need with a cost and more affordable benefit.

To buy parts for electric motor m1220 you need to research a lot, so only so you can find a store that has a cost and benefit more affordable for you. Today there are several companies specializing in the sale of engine parts and you will not be difficult to find that more affordable.

Prices always vary according to the parts you’ll need. By phone, online or in-person calls you may be doing research prices to be aware of the value. Search in at least three different companies, just so that you can get to it which has a stated value.

Do not forget that you have the physical stores and also virtual to buy parts for the electric motor. The most difficult parts often take a while to arrive, because most companies do not have stock for them. Get to analyze the options and make a comparative price so you can get an affordable value.

Since the invention of the electric motor it has undergone significant changes to the present day. Talking about the invention and creation of this engine goes back quite a long time and understand that not always the engine works as it works today. At first it was much simpler and more basic.

This engine is used to make the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy. It was in 1886 that the birth of this engine was considered. Who was responsible for it was a German scientist who brought a DC generator self induced, a breakthrough to time.

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The development of this engine has allowed new models to emerge and he understood well varied purposes. The intent was very important and today it can be present in various applications, always offering a much larger economy than any other machine that performs the same function as that. Worth looking into the history of this engine.